Straight Stack Developer

This post is serving as solely purpose of giving an answer on why on earth I just made up another job title (for anyone curios enough for searching it after scouting my LinkedIn profile).

But... but why?

Last month I changed company, I'm happily hacking with React and Express full time now.
I work with tech stack that someone coined as NERD stack (as opposed to the MEAN one). That is: Node Express React and (any) Database. This also mean that for the first time I left the "I'm a Front-end Specialist" land.
So... you're saying: wouldn't "Full Stack Developer" title suffice?
Well, I'm not really a huge fan of the above title, it has always resounded as "Jack of all trades, master of none" in my mind.
Also, what kind of "Full Stack" are we really talking about? Does it mean I might be able to use every possible stack combination, or just willing to do so? Is it just a buzzword for not saying "I'm a Generalist" or some hideous way of being arrogant?
The only "Full Stack" Developer to me is an "Unicorn", or a "10x" Developer.

It doesn't help being a passionate JavaScript Developer, as I think that (for now) JavaScript is the only real way of achieving "Full Stack" (native just strengthen my idea).

Plus I feel, and I am, a newb at anything that goes outside Front-end.

What the heck?

So as some form of "rebellion" I started thinking about the "Full" word and some way of going way over it (assuming most of the people use that title for "bad" reasons). Being a Poker (Hold'em) fan, poker hands came to mind, and only two points are better than a "Full", they are: "Poker" itself, obviously, and "Straight flush".

So here it is: Straight.

As I gravitate around JavaScript, this also makes sense. I'm following a Straight line of tools based solely on it.

What's next?

What I really am is being a "JavaScript Developer", so I'll either just starting using the "real" title at some point, or I'll keep moving around "crazy" ones.

Joyful Stack Developer? ;D

Bonus thoughts

As you might have already guessed, I'm not a native english speaker, so I tried to look around for weirdnesses about the term.

Luckly enough the term seems to be related to trucks.


So I guess I'm working on a Curved Stack after all!